Sociopathic Mixtape, Vol. 5

by Various Artists

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Andrej Romić Great compilation of over 100 artists for a buck... don't even try to find an excuse not to buy this! Favorite track: Terdre Kenyszeritve.
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It's been quite a long ride to reach this point, but the resulting outcome that is SOCIOPATHIC MIXTAPE, VOL. 5 makes all of the time & effort it took to create more than worthwhile! What you're looking at and listening to here is the fifth installment of the now-infamous set of 100% free promotional compilations by Sociopathic Sound Records!

While, collectively, we're VERY proud of how each volume in the series has turned out, as the Owner/Director of SSR I must admit my impartiality towards this fifth, most recent, and definitely most expansive edition to date! Totaling 110 songs by as many extreme metal bands spanning across nearly every known sub genre, Vol. 5 purposely sets the pace & tone to viciously fast and crushingly brutal immediately from the start; the intension was to highlight grindcore above all else for the first 10 tracks, following those up with an increasingly varied mix of music by some of the best bands the underground metal world has to offer.

Moreover, Vol. 5 contains songs by a number of acts who are now officially signed to the SOCIOPATHIC SOUND RECORDS roster; of special note are the following groups/tracks:

Boxcutter Facelft
Minimum Wage Assassins
Corrupt Moral Altar
Standing On A Floor Of Bodies

...from that list, only Boxcutter Facelift is directly connected to SSR (as an essential part of the roster), but we'll be working with each of those bands in some capacity in the near future - unfortunately, details regarding exactly how we're to be involved with any of them must remain unreported for the time being while details are worked out.

Obviously one hundred and ten songs is an immense amount of music to listen through; no doubt it can seem like a daunting task to the average music fan. However, we can't stress the importance of listening to each and every track on Vol. 5 enough - particularly if you're similar to me insofar as being something of a "new music junkie", e.g. possessing a strong passion & drive for the discovery of new music, whether it's actually NEW, or simply something you haven't heard before. In fact, the entire purpose of the Sociopathic Mixtape Series is just that; to help fans discover bands who they may have otherwise never heard while helping awesome musicians gain momentum, new fans, notoriety, and everything else they deserve for their ability to create the soundtrack to our lives!

So....sit back, put your headphones on or throw Vol. 5 onto your iPod (or other playback device) as you prepare for a long roadtrip/plane ride/etc. You're sure to discover at least a dozen "new" acts you feel are incredible, perhaps they'll even become favorites of yours! I certainly hope they do because our goal will have then been attained.

Also - I'd like to take this opportunity to thank each and every fan, band, label, distro, and other member of the community who has worked with us in any capacity, supported our cause in any manner, or helped spread the word about SSR! Without you, we'd be nothing. Yet, as luck may have it, a lot of individuals seems to believe in what we're doing just as much as we do, thus affording us the continued drive we need to move forward - and that's exactly what's happening now; the wheels are in motion for some BIG THINGS happening in the world of Sociopathic Sound Records!

This will be the final edition of the mixtape series for a good while; the project is ongoing and I don't think that'll ever change; however, our focus is now entirely on the recording & release of albums, EPs, and splits (among other endeavors) by the bands who are already a part of SSR. We're always looking to expand our roster, too; so if you're a band seeking any type of collaboration with or help from a DIY label, we're here for you! All of our contact information is below:







We look forward to hearing from you soon, and thanks so much for your continued support! GRIND ON FRIENDS, FIENDS, AND MANIACS!

\m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/


released July 12, 2013

*All songs found herein have been used in full compliance with copyright laws, as The Sociopathic Team worked for endless hours exchanging emails, private messages, and phone calls in order to receive permission directly from each band and/or label representative. Any label, manager, or other relevant authority figure of the industry who wishes to question the legality of Sociopathic Sound's use of any track on this compilation should contact the band (or in some cases the label to which a band is signed) to confirm the truthfulness and accuracy of this statement.

*While this is a 100% FREE compilation meant for promotional purposes, every song featured is subject to United States Federal Copyright Laws. Moreover, every band listed possesses sole ownership of the song which they have offered. Sociopathic Sound has taken no part in the writing, producing, or ownership of the intellectual property on this mixtape.



all rights reserved


Sociopathic Sound Records Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A DIY project three years in the making, Sociopathic Sound Records has at last experienced its becoming. Emphatic & unrivaled is our collective passion for extreme music. Determined, we seek to change the archaic, exploitative business model(s) of old by shifting focus back to the artists; to bolster growth, abet success, and reinvigorate the entire metal community & all those involved on a whole. ... more

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Track Name: Green Terror - Bleeding Like A Stuck Pig (Alternate Intro)
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Noisear - Endless Reincarnation (Previously Unreleased)
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: LTW - Fucked
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Boxcutter Facelift - Fuck You In Morse Code
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Minimum Wage Assassins - Notions Of Superiority
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Purify The Horror - Restitution (Exclusive World Premier)
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Beg - In My Time Of Dining
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Antigama - Fed By The Feeling
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Corrupt Moral Altar - Politics Is A Bargain Between Beggars
Lost in a perfect moment. maybe I will maybe I wont
Forced to work by the government. Maybe I will maybe I wont.

Morbid fears, unspeakable longings.
Cancer music, lucifarian deathcult.
Morbid fears, unspeakable longings.
Cancer music, lucifarian deathcult.

Lost in a perfect moment. maybe I will maybe I wont
Forced to work by the government. Maybe I will maybe I wont.

Morbid fears.

I got fucking wrecked last night

All over the shop.

I got wrecked
Late last night
I got wrecked
Late last night
I got wrecked
Late last night
I got wrecked
Late last night

Lost in a perfect moment. maybe I will maybe I wont
Forced to work by the government. Maybe I will maybe I wont.
Track Name: Quest Of Aidance - Seething Voids
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Ilsa - The Scream
I heard a cry
a muffled scream
A woman's I'm sure
Late one night
as I crossed the Queen's Chapel Bridge

No other commuters
Tired and insular,
heard the noise,
A sound that punctures,
Ruptures guilt.

I should have done more,
I knew then I should not walk away.

Cocking my head,
looking out at the wall of trees,
I strained to hear.
Craning my neck,
there was nothing to see
off the side of the bridge.

Though black cloaked,
I knew these creek banks well
Seen structures strewn
along the banks.
Simple shacks to serve
as homeless shelter.

Could that have been the sound
of some illicit commerce?
Penniless lovers echoing moans
from their concrete suite?

I am certain,
I heard a cry.
A woman's scream
I'm sure.

Nauseating fear
gnashes and gnaws.
Held in place,
I called out to the void.

Fingers crossed,

hoping my cry,
would yield no reply.

But it did.

(Male Voice)
"Everything's fine!"

Fear rushed through my torso,
stripping me of strength.
I know this is a lie
but not how to respond.

So reaching for my cell like a coward
I dialed 911.

The operator was annoyed and unresponsive
I doubt the pigs even bothered to check!

Then some weeks later at the bus stop
I told a friendly rider what I'd heard.
Silently she stood and listened,
then she slayed me with these words:

"Years ago my daughter
young and fair, was taken
to those woods and raped.
You probably weren't mistaken
about that unseen woman's fate."

I heard a cry,
A muffled scream, I'm sure
I should have done more.
Not just walked away.
Track Name: Standing On A Floor Of Bodies - Nothing Wounded Goes Uphill
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Diementia - Annihilation (Of The Mind)
I've been so isolated, I feel trapped
Tied down and limited to only exist.
I feel my mind breaking again and again, cold sets in constricting my breathing

My freedom taken away
Forced into slavery
I have something to show you
Welcome insanity

Through the years of anguish
My world crumbles around me
Hiding fear by any means of sedation
I fought my way out of the grave

My freedom taken away
Forced into slavery
I have something to show you
Welcome insanity

Annihilation of your mind
Complete destruction of your mind
Annihilation of your mind

One by one these thoughts enter my head
Looking for a way to figure out feelings I can't understand
Track Name: Maranatha - Heartless
Watch us tear you apart
Watch us tear out your still-beating heart
Watch us tear you limb from limb
Piece by piece until you are left with nothing

Wickedness surges through your veins
Your black blood violating anything it touches
Desensitized to dehumanization
Don't worry, it's just part of the process

We’ve been living for the death of a culture
We’ve believed it’s our duty to destroy
We’ve been living to watch them suffer
We’ve believed that we’ve always heard a voice

But it’s always been my own heart
Now it’s slowly beating it’s last
Pumping wicked blood all over my hands
And I’m nothing but a heartless bastard

My blood runs black
Track Name: White Widows Pact - Sin Taxes
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Confine - Perception
Fast clouds in front of a still moon

Breathing on the window alone in my room.

Dry me off

Tie me down

Stick around.

Finding it hard to sleep at night 

Wanna meet for a pint 

Last bus has flown

So I'm getting twatted in the kitchen 

All on my own. 

Finding it hard to sleep at night

Wanna meet for a pint

Last bus has flown 

So I'm getting twatted in the kitchen

All on my own.
Track Name: Fukpig - This Is The News
Government sponsored media
Creating a state of hysteria
No sources so no traces
Pushing paranoia in your faces

Shovelling shit in your faces every day
To satisfy a created need
Lens rammed up celebrity cunt
More garbage for the rats to feed

So this is the news?
Where are your fucking facts?

Shovelling shit in your face every day
To satisfy a created need
When the info wars* are over and done
You'll be accountable for what you did!
Track Name: Hate - Poor Choice
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Black Skies Burn - Paid With Blood
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Seizures - Skies
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Ulcer - Devitalize
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Enshadowed - Inner Psy-Trip
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Hivesmasher - Bottled Violence (Minor Threat cover) (Previously Unreleased)
Get your bravery from a six pack
Get your bravery from a half-pint
Drink your whiskey, drink your grain
Bottoms up and you don't feel pain


Lose control of your body
Beat the shit out of somebody
Half-shut eyes don't see who you hit
But you don't take any shit

Track Name: Cyanic - Lurking Below
Caustic dark wanderer
slithering into endless nothingness
all is thin, all is black and old,
lilith along side gazing into the waste
bottom of low
eternally to wallow in the abyss
along choronzon,
shapeless in the void,
blind to existence
repulsive hole,
devoid of light,
shifting lurking below
bitterness encapsuled,
flowing nauseated,
nothing can exist yet I am I
screaming no sounds,
seeing horrors without light
Track Name: The Fathomless Deep - Eyes Of The Golum
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Swinelord - Sloth (Previously Unreleased)
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Destroyed In Seconds - No Guillotine Like The Truth
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Warbeast - Nightmares In The Sky
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: EUGLENA - Untitled
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Monkey Leech - Inner Tormenter
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Ciikada - Vitamysterium
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Deathless Anguish - Demise Inception (Edit)
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Homewrecker - Chained Hanging Victim (Featuring Dylan Walker)
Chained / To the bowels of mankind
Victim / To this world of shit
Hanging / By the weight of your lies
If you wear a suit
I trust the other guy
Chained hanging victim

Shed the crown of fear
Tighten the rope
End all hope
Stare into their eyes with no fear
Damn my eyes
Your name will be lost
You'll be buried for a cost
Blank in an endless rot
Pain is all you got


Burdened by a pound of empty flesh
And fucked by the hand of social emptiness
In chains / I am begotten. Entrenched and forlorn.
Eyes set climbing the nape of your neck
Fueled by shit. Surrounded by light.
Bound to your hands and swallowed whole
Visions of terror
Corpses piling up like thoughts in my head
No sign of life you can't repair
The smell of virtue is burning in blood
Your scalp's the price / ripped from your head
Chained hanging victim
Track Name: The Lion's Daughter - Mr. Self Destruct (Nine Inch Nails cover)
I am the voice inside your head
(and I control you)
I am the lover in your bed
(and I control you)
I am the sex that you provide
(and I control you)
I am the hate you try to hide
(and I control you)

I take you where you want to go
I give you all you need to know
I drag you down I use you up
Mr. self destruct

I speak religion's message clear
(and I control you)
I am denial guilt and fear
(and I control you)
I am the prayers of the naive
(and I control you)
I am the lie that you believe
(and I control you)

I take you where you want to go
I give you all you need to know
I drag you down I use you up
Mr. self destruct

I am the needle in your vein
I am the high you can't sustain
I am the pusher, I'm a whore
I am the need in you for more

I am the bullet in the gun
(and I control you)
I am the truth from which you run
(and I control you)
I am the silencing machine
(and I control you)
I am the end of all your dreams
(and I control you)

I take you where you want to go
I give you all you need to know
I drag you down I use you up
Mr. self destruct
Track Name: Pretty Little Flower - Blistered Dejection
Floating through a garbage life,
Sweatpants caked with logs
Fragile homebum dejection
Blistered lips, teeth are gone
Slept in my car, stole my antenna - chasing another rock
Limping off with my bike
...A jaw that will never re-align
Your life is rocked up
The intense fervor of whining self-pity
Excuses pile up like so many aluminum cans
Slow motion shifty crackmonger existence

Removed from any semblance of a waking life - death would be a step up
Rocked up - Death
Track Name: Satanic Morphine - Glüt (Previously Unreleased)
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Nervecide - Fractal Flood
Surrounded by unrest
Everlasting storm of bodiless
Needles which pierce our
Receptors stretched-out
Deforming what we conceive
What make reality sense
Dragged down and nailed
Losing sensory capacity
Anesthetized nerves
Remote control, stick into the head
Manipulated words are
Reflecting of summaries
You choose to inject in your brain
Conditioned thoughts by what you think
You're free to decide to
Filter while you are just a dried-up spore
A whirling mass of
Flesh drawing in this cold
Self chosen fractal flood
Track Name: Art Of Burning Water - It Didn't Get Any Better
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Black Code - Anthropophagic Terror Machine
Well I want Beer, So I Need Cash
I have to go out and find a fucking ATM
Walking under rain
With my quest in mind
Find a cash machine
To finally get some beers
I can't wait to use my card
Another debt for booze
I only can't only get a thing
The emptiness of streets
Here it's finally
My own holy grail
This beautiful machine
Puking bucks out of your ass
I'll just put my card
And see if it refuses it
I will see if I can
Finally get the beers
Weird things happening
The machine starts shaking
Terrific noise out the shit
I'm startin' to be afraid
It swallows my arm
It swallows my head
I can see the teeth
Of this financial system
I escape safe, my withdrawal's still going on
It turns out that the only thing I get
Is a shredded dick in a 10€ buck
And next time I need beer I'll steal it from the store
Track Name: Drugs Of Faith - The Age Of Reason
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Roskopp - No Brain In Your Head
Stripped of belief / Stripped of self
Shorn of life / Shorn of flesh
Fossil record / Emptied skull
There's your fucking contribution
Track Name: Cleric - Through The Starless Abyss
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Hollow Tongue - Mind Rot
That night you sat me down / my heart was racing
my hands were aching / my thoughts were pacing
I've never felt like this was home cause I've always been alone
Crush in my hopes / leave me in this hole
I don't mind / sink into my mind
look in the mirror / exhale your mind
when you are here / consumed in time
erase my mind
sitting and waiting / breathing my own death
sucked me blind / drain my mind
When you weren't inside of me
Track Name: Wraiths - Black Vultures (ft. Josh Bywater of Foundations)
I can never forgive you, for what you did to me. You left me a broken man, a fucking shadow of what i used to be. Your face, haunts me in my sleep, it plagues my every dream, yet i can't spend another night, without wishing you were next to me.

And i spent every fucking day, visualising your fucking face.


Dead in the water is how you lie,
A lifeless slut thrown into the fire,
i gave you everything but you weren't true
and now the birds are coming for you.

And this passage i read for you:

summon darkness and the truth

''Hands of time, witches bane, four kings i call you to me, slowly walk, take my hand, feel my pain, please understand.''

Four kings i call you to me, summon forth these birds to feast.

I don't think I'll ever see another sunrise, but i know i tried, i don't think I'll live to see the day, but please baby let them take me away.

Track Name: Scordatura - Incestual Convulsions
I am the legend - They call me orphan killer
I am the messenger - Of pain and suffering
Barbed wire crown - Worn as a vision of this
Desecration of your life - Breathing down upon you

Decapitate masturbate getting raped fuck her
I am the masked monster
Psychopath lacerate exucute her now
Let her bleed out
Motivation growing stronger
Hunting down my only prey
I will be the last thing you'll see
Incestual convulsions

As my axe swings down - You'll pay for all your sins
When you die in front of me - Finally - I am free
Crippled carcass as I please - Guts and skin becoming me
Closer than my dad would be - Inside of you
Bathing in your entrails - Ravaging your foul smells
Soaking in my sweet success - I will not be ashamed
Of my sister

Paedophilic priest I see - no more touching those boys
Sins committed in his home - blasphemy from one of his own
Suppressing my memories - filling with pure hatred
Father when I find you - Beg me not to touch you

Searching profusely - slaughtering all of the nuns
Podgered with a crucifix - teaching me about religion
Father I forgive you - hellbent on making them suffer
Sister I will find you - betrayed by your own family

Decapitate masturbate getting raped fuck her
I am the masked monster
Psychopath lacerate exucute her now
Let her bleed out
Motivation growing stronger
Hunting down my only prey
I will be the last thing you'll see
In this carnage

I was the legend - They called me orphan killer
The only messenger - Of pain and suffering
Barbed wire crown - Worn as a vision of this
Desecration of your life - as I breath upon you
Track Name: Black Mask - Agony
Sporadic thoughts opened the door to a place i can't leave.
A gloomy room, a fucked up life, sealed myself from who I used to be.

i can't overcome the agony.

Theres no ethereal ending.
This bed is my tomb.
I grew up as a dreamer, I'll continue to walk alone.
Track Name: Living Void - On Endless Crawlers
The world is raw and cooked bronze in a scratched view lens
Their inferiority what dominates beneath her heels
She hears them skitter in fear and patch charcoal
She breathes dust and powder again
Through both screams and their cackling of ten trillion antennae
Now your cities are merely hives aligned in ugliness and rubbish
Stuffed inside tunnels that croon in the crest center and outward
They multiply at night like busy surroundings of nothingness
Some escaped to portions undisclosed but less survived that stampede
She marvels at the end
As her children eat the beacon
Spawn from a halo that is also dripping horseflies
Track Name: GROT - Impervious To The Cause
Complaints, weakest of minds,
forever trapped in the demons abode,
they roll they play to the script of the end,
never mind the cause, or the reasons foretold

The patron- hates the hero,
the coward-loves the thief,
the multi struggle and endeavor,
perplexing, patient, guinea pigs,

soldier on, never restrain,
turn a blind eye, raising,
always in flames, bastard cries,
weapons of thrust, downward sigh,
in a valley of cold, day turns black,
as a rhythm persists, we're left to die,
contrivance clones, a structure lies,
beneath the wing, barbaric tests,
on the humans inflict.
Track Name: Noisem - Birthing The Bestial
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Dephosphorus - Starless









Track Name: Condition Critical - Random Acts Of Killing
You're all gonna die!!
Stalking from behind
Murder on my mind
My blade is yours to taste
Taking off my face
Its you im gonna waste
Ripping off your face
Victim still alive
Struggles to survive
Sucking breath through your chest
Thriving on the flesh
Gargling the blood
Screaming a I slice
Choking on my knife
Germing bane-ing blood
Random Killing
The innocent man to die
In the hands of the creeper
No ones left alive
No one left alive
Violence all you know
In the streets
Assume the position
On your knees
One last time
Left for dead
Severed Head
Random Killing
An innocent man to die
In the hands of the creeper
No one's left alive
No one left alive
Track Name: The Kill - Cactus (Edit)
Gutfull of mescaline
Brain tweak triggers psychosis

Maniac on a bad trip
Drooling freak full of cactus
Laughing hysterically
Gauging some raver's eyes out

Pushing through the crowd
Totally deranged
Blood-covered hands
Clawing at faces
Alternate reality

He's having a blast
Maniac on a bad trip
Freak full of cactus
Track Name: Suicide Pandemic - Through Pentagram, Of Morning Star
from the 5 point pentagram hailed
carried by the whirlwind fire
at the helm of tartarus
beyond the flames of fury
annihilate the morning star
hurl the fallen further downward
at the helm of tartarus
beyond the flames of fury
annihilate the morning star
succeed his Sigil's glory
descended upon the throne of ivory
sat before was the idol
the thousand legion slow they levitate
unsheath our blade
to reap, to love, to enuchate
at the helm of tartarus
beyond the flames of fury
annihilate the morning star
hurl the fallen further downward
at the helm of tartarus
beyond the flames of fury
annihilate the morning star
succeed his Sigil's glory
withstand six-hundred sixty six
impale the neck, drink in its spirit
withstand six-hundred sixty six
lick the flames, behead the wretched
withstand six-hundred sixty six
the fallen star restores me
from the 5 point pentagram hailed
carried by the whirlwind fire
a passage written
scribed in love
the livid lost, now transpired
Track Name: Bukowski Family - Discipline Of The Flesh Sculptor
deform reform
rebuild human flesh

deform reform
Alter human form

you bear the mark
so you will do
the discipline calls for pure skin
and flesh that we can mold

the razorblade cuts deep and clean
until resistance it meets

joints removed with extremities
hands sculpted as wings

taillight flashing
as a toyplane you hang from the ceiling
with others like you
a welcome committee to hell

we know it hurts but the end justifies the means

knees bent forward, Arms twisted backwards
nailed together, a curb strap in the mouth
all it needs is a pretty little saddle
and we're off to the fields to herd the cattle

deform reform, rebuild human flesh
alter everything that exists
Track Name: Wormrot - Fuck...I'm Drunk / Fuck...I'm Sober (Previously Unreleased)
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Alien Crucifixion - Human Bone Altar
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Meth Tooth - Bummin' Cigs To Preggo Chicks
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Crime Machine - Scars
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Terminator 2 - Ancestralcide
Murder the race. Murder the concept of babylon’s past of deceit. Destroy the foundation upon which is seated a structural schism ingrained is erased. Myth of creation. Dead ancient language. Superior alien race descended from heaven, confusing the masses into a turbulent state. Enter police. Murder the masters. Perish the thought that man is the master race. Nothing is sacred, nowhere is safe. Nobody’s god is a saint of the earth. Slave to traditional ancestral worship. Order the dogs to obey. Self-proclaimed savior imagines a spaceship sent as a means of escape from the earth.
Track Name: Eibon - Mirror Soul Jesus
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Screams Of Hate - Corrupted
I feel my skin
forces of the evil
get in my body
and…corrupt… my… Veins

Rotten, blood and desperate
Im inside the scene
No matter what I felt… Mutation
critical moment of depression
I feel pain, and suffering

desire, for blood and death, fortifies me, fortifies me
ohhhh , desire for blood and death
fortifies me, my insane want to suck the blood
arrests me in Machiavellian plans
in Machiavellian plans

maggots into my mind
worms into my body (3X)
a parasite that controls
controls my acts!

Beating heart..., Corrupted mind!
guts drain… in, blood, got, out…….
guts drain giving births
for new, embryos
Guts drain…ohhh my life!
guts drain giving births
for new, embryos
Track Name: Nistikko - Rakkaudesta Vihaan
”From love to hate”
”When love escalates to hate and because of the bitter love one hates.”

vielä eilen
tietäni valaisit
kalkin karvaan
kryptaasi salasit

enää on liimattava palaset
liekkini vointia kysellen
älä huoli
palaa se

olen pahoillani
en tunne sympatiaa
viha ja rakkaus
eivät minussa kohtaa

rakkaudesta vihaan

ystäväni rakkaimpani
ehkäpä hetkinä näinä
opit seuraukset kantamaan
oppi jää kautta kantapään

turha on siltoja
uudelleen rakentaa
ei aikakaan voi
pistohaavoja parantaa

rakkaudesta vihaan
Track Name: Dead Instrument - Grand Confusion
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: HOLY - Restless
I've been told a better place awaits
I've been told we'll lay and rest in peace
I've been told love lasts forever
Over our dead bodies
I've been told no more suffering
I've been told no more pain
I've been told but if I ask now nobody answers
And my knuckles hurt, my nails are worn
There's no gold at the end of the road
I've been told but if I ask now
Nobody answers
Is anybody out there?
It's only gravity
Pushing us down so fucking down
Until the ground will swallow us
Track Name: Lead Farmer - Dead Heroes
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Purge. - Tantra
Cancerous fears of death.
Barren desert patricide.
Violent as a cornered dog.
Tie me up to four
white horses.
Weakness settled in
To these bones again
Face torn sallow grin
Man suit
Flesh cage
Blind faith
Blind death
Tell me what becomes of us
Tell me is this love
Or is this just you feeding?
We never mattered, we never will.
Accept the life you live,
you’re living a lie.
Track Name: Skywalker - Mind Of A Martyr
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Black Veins - The Harvest
Walking through
What feels, what feels like
Miles of chaos
And with
Heavy hands
I'll harvest all that's left
But these hands aren't the ones that fed
Pillage, harvest, pillage, harvest
With heavy hands
I'll harvest all that's left
Track Name: Ancient Shores - Forget The Sinking Ships
Forget the symbols
Forget the sunrise
Forget the sinking ship

Never again
Never again
Never again

-You dont know me you cant help me-

Sail the fuck away go on your white sails
Sail to fucking mayhem

-You dont know me you cant help me-

I will just move forward with every last chance
And every coward will deam the worthy culprit
Now tell me how many hours I won't ever get back

Never again

I've got a black soul and miles of disarray
you're giving in
mother fucker run away
you'll just run away
Track Name: Jack - Terdre Kenyszeritve
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Mercenaries - Encores
I’ve been counting sins.

We walked it off walked it off we don’t feel a thing
We walked it off walked it off we don’t feel a thing

Believe it.

You can kill time because I don’t event want it
You should kill time because we don’t even need it
I want to feel alive tonight just like all of you around me

Hell won’t change it won’t change for you
Hell won’t change it didn’t change for me it won’t change for you

Change for me not for any of you now

Don’t tell me you even know us
You made a choice and now you live with it
You pointed to the road and now we’ve gone and ruined it

I’ve lost the time.

Well it looks like you’ve lost the time
But it seems I’ve found it fine
And we’ll be waiting here tonight
We’ll be waiting here tonight


Take it back to where it all began

Hell wont change but we’re not really “here” at all

We won’t we won’t ever change
Track Name: Dead Again - Chestburster
Spaceship drifting in space
Distress signal
Aborted cryo

Nearby planetoid
Derelict spacecraft
Recon mission
Alien waiting

Vast egg chamber
Corrosive acid blood
Detached dead alien
Convulsing, choking Kane
Lurking deep inside

His ribs are cracking
His chest is bursting
His guts are spraying on the walls
Loose in the ship

Stalking xenomorph
Slaughtered crew
Onboard shuttle
Blast it into space
Track Name: Kitezh - Antitheist
Offer yourself to the Lions. Duty to sacrifice. Be not impious fictitious life. Denounce your hate. Renounce your shame to those who speak of your demise as in excuses. My defiance weighs you down. Incense over your altar to appease your god. The scum will be mauled or burned alive as living torches of light. You desire the crown of your martyrdom so. I refuse, I don't deny and my will dominates. I praise only flame and flame. Teeth devour. Crimson comes alive in the name of the burned and tortured crowds. Creation guide my perdition. Grinding flesh from the human bone. Slave. Wrath will germinate hands of hope like scattered seeds and reap your day. Betray belief of all of your gods. I place my reliance in my strength and virtue. I am within and alive. I am the mouth of the fire and the hunger for lies.
Track Name: Sasquatch Agnostic - Big Man With A Gun (Nine Inch Nails cover)
i am a big man yes i am and i got a big gun got me a big old dick & i like to have fun hold it against your forehead i’ll make you suck it maybe i’ll put a hole in your head you know just for the fuck of it i can reduce you if i want i can devour i’m hard as fucking steel i’ve got the power i’m every inch of man i’ll show you somehow me & my fucking gun nothing can stop me shoot shoot shoot shoot i’m gonna cum all over you shoot shoot shoot shoot i’m gonna cum all over you shoot shoot shoot shoot i’m gonna cum all over you shoot shoot shoot shoot i’m gonna cum all over you me & my fucking gun me & my fucking gun
Track Name: Elephant Of The Ocean - Wednesday Arrived Saturday
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: A Band Of Orcs - Prepare For The Domination
Gather the tribe, sharpen your blade, raise your fist
Gore-stained axe cry out for blood
Sever the trees, feed the flames, smelt the ore,
Forging weapons for brutal war

Whipping the slaves, flogging the grunts,
Get them in line, send them to die
No use for prayer, only for war
Your life's a lie

March through the waste, burn through the fields
Batter the walls, giants shall fall
Bringers of pain, merchants of death
Blood flows for

Take what I want
Greed is our god
For all giants fall
Too late to kneel

Whipping the slaves, flogging the grunts,
Get them in line, send them to die
No use for prayer, only for war
Your life's a lie

March through the waste, burn through the fields
Batter the walls, giants shall fall
Bringers of pain, merchants of death
Blood changed for gold

Paid for the kill
Storming the walls
Conquer, destroy
The kingdom shall fall

No one is spared
The deal is off

We hate your kind
Stupid and blind
Death shall be your receipt
We repay cowards in kind

Whipping, flogging
Get them in line
Send them to die
Marching, killing
Never ask why
You're next to die

Marching, flogging
Get them in line
Send them to die
The dying, the screaming
With the blood spilled for gold
Glory bel fill our souls

Storming the walls
Kingdom shall fall

Still the war machine rolls on
And the wheel of pain keeps on turning

Still the war machine rolls on
And the wheel of pain just keeps turning

Death you can't deceive
Death will your soul reap

Whipping the slaves, flogging the grunts,
Get them in line, send them to die
No use for prayer, only for war
Your life's a lie

March through the waste, burn through the fields
Batter the walls, giants shall fall
Bringers of pain, merchants of death
Blood flows for

Spoils of war
And take more
Harvest of blood

Domination has come
Track Name: C-4 - Napalm Rains
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Suburban Scum - Hanging By A Thread
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Nuclear Vomit - Cuntraptor
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Demoralizer - Acid Pool Party
RSVP to my acid pool party
BYOB bring enough beer for me
A chain throws you assholes in the air
Into my pool it’s a pit of despair
And I put my suit on
To go below
The surface and watch you
All fall apart
Mangled flesh and bone
Wallpaper for my phone
That’s right ya’ll
You gotta fuckin see ‘em
Wanna watch your skin fall right off of the bone
It’s in my pool, it’s a pit of despair
Wanna watch your eyeballs explode in your head
I had a great fucking time
Track Name: False Light - Rotting Teeth
Caged, cut. Breed, bleed.

Teeth stained red, grave of a body.
Life of misery. We are the vermin.

Defending genocide, grim ritual.
Under the knife or on your plate,
murder is murder no matter how you dissect it.

Blind to hell, while you choke on it.
Blind to hell, as you rot.
Track Name: The Muzzler - More People Should Die
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Wake - Thirst
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Seven Sisters Of Sleep - Reaper Christ
Born in a mortuary, cold and alone
Gray with empty eyes.
followers bow around him. feed the fire
cunt slaves praising the empty skies

wandering through annihilation
gray cloak dooms all of life
they hide behind a promise
with no possibility of proof

wandering follow desperation
gospel song turn to screams
fuck a savior, save yourself

as the water melts, to sand freezes into a stone
but the constant, bleeding constant, save yourself
from his wandering son
Track Name: 400 THE CAT - Bright Windows
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Besta - Simbolos Da Ignorancia
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: The Dawn - Cannibal Date
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Goatfukk - Nocturnal Guidance
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Heikousen - Savant Of Scum
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: The Secret - The Bottomless Pit
Total paranoia is total awareness of the lies they spit on me
the holy state of fear narrows the walls of my cage but I am here.
I am not like the average inmates.
Jail. Isolate. Cell. Their trap.
Total paranoia is total awareness of the lies they spit on us
the holy state of fear narrows the walls of our cages
but we are everywhere. We are not like the average inmates.
We have spent our life in prison.
We are very dangerous men.
We are everywhere.
Track Name: Burnt Church - Death To Death Core
sick of all your played out bull shit
gurgled vocals sexist lyrics
boring riffs and no song structure
your photoshopped artwork really sucks
death to deathcore
Track Name: Circle Of Death - Immutable
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Empire Of Rats - We're Dead
Misled- A world that pretends to love
Force Fed- That we're all the same
We're Dead- No thoughts that we speak of
No one to trust, we're all on our own

Pretend to care what we say
Pretend to care what we do
To me you are all the same
We were made this way by you

You'll never look at me as a human being
That's why I spit in the face of everyone I see
I'm going to fucking explode so don't pressure me
So say out of my way and just leave me be..In peace!
Track Name: Main Strike - Критическая масса
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Demeanor - Disgusted
this air is toxic.
i have no remorse for what i have done.
eye are open.
robotic scum stand before me.
glorifying the loathsome brute.
Track Name: Tinnitus - Checkmate
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Narayama - Orgulho
Do topo da relação de poder inflingem sua dominação sobre as minorias. Um histórico de violência é louvado pelo status-quo heteronormativo. Não há do que se orgulhar sendo o opressor. Só resta a vergonha soterrada pela própria ignorância.
Track Name: Sinews - God Worm
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Cohol - Civilization (Rough Mix)
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Damaged Goods - Permanent Solution
Hopelessness, the only hope I posses
Close my eyes, shut forever.
Heavy lungs, let go of this breath
My only everything is nothing
These shortcomings stand so tall.
Born a distant memory
Plan to die the same way
Like a siamese twin
separated from the side
I walk alone
wake up call, goodbye.
My "temporary problem" is this life I lead
It kills me inside, knowing I still bleed
Forever failing, the poster boy of shit
I'll amount to nothing, i'll never fit.
Track Name: Mörser - The Legend Of Dunnhill
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Wretch - Purveyors Of Senseless Violence
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Art 238 - Malformed Breed
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: End Reign - DCCXXI
(no lyrics available...)
Track Name: Skineater - Stab
(no lyrics available...)